Hailed by Mousike Magazine as a band with tons of potential, Carry Me Ohio is an indie rock band based out of Boulder, CO.

Nine months after the members of Carry Me Ohio first played together, they were in a studio recording their first album. In the fall of 2010, their self-produced debut album Oak and Iron Bound was released. It was recorded at Altitude Studios on Sugarloaf Mountain outside of Boulder, Colorado over a four day period.

The members of Carry Me Ohio currently live in Colorado, but only one of them is actually native to the state. The rest of the band found their way out West. Although their musical backgrounds are varied, they all have a common thread in their love of interesting rock music.

Carry Me Ohio’s music can best be described as a form of indie alternative rock, with sounds that are derived from folk, country, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, as well as classical music. Their sound grew organically when the diverse influences of band members were melded together to create something unique. Check out the PRESS page or the FORUM to see what others are saying about CMO.


This is us:

Evan- Lead vocals, guitar. Has successfully wrestled moose and mountain lion, but never simultaneously. Supposedly, has received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts, even though the school year has already started. Authenticity of letter has yet to be verified. Writes the songs for CMO.

Dan- Drums, muscle. Has several tattoos that make him look cooler than everyone else in the band (not that it’s hard to do). Voted “Most Likely To Not Fail At Life” by the other members in his band. Expert on dwarf mountains.

Scott - Bass and vocals. Multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, designer, Australian Shepherd lover, and all-around know-it-all.

Neil- Bass. Real into sleeping. Came in second place on Nickelodeon’s Global Guts after being blinded by a glitter storm (aka snow blizzard) and hitting his opponent’s actuator at the top of the Super Aggro Crag. Still has a crush on Mo, the referee. Currently saving up all his change to buy a Ms. Pac-Man arcade console. Has a pretty good vertical jump. When awake, really chipper.




Contact Info

Booking: info@carrymeohio.com

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